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Release Timelines

Releases are deployed on a regular, controlled schedule, with ample time for testing.

Major Releases

We roll out major releases three times per year:

  • January
  • May
  • September

See Upcoming Coupa Release Schedule for tentative dates.

Major releases introduce new features and functionality in a controlled manner. To help you plan for each major release, we want to provide visibility and predictability with our release schedule, allowing you ample time to plan upgrade activities and test the release before it goes to production on your specified release date.


 These timelines apply to Coupa Core. To learn about specific power apps, please contact your Coupa representative.

Step Lead Time Description

Sandbox update notification

6 weeks

You are notified about the new release and when your sandbox and production instances will be upgraded. With our fixed release schedule you can start planning for these dates months in advance. You will be provided a choice of three dates for your production update.

Release notes availability 4 weeks compass.coupa.com is updated with the latest release notes.

Sandbox update

1 to 4 weeks

Your sandbox instance is updated to the new release, based on your assigned schedule. Talk to your Customer Value Manager if you have specific needs.

Production update notification

2 weeks

You are reminded that we’ll be upgrading your production instance to the new release.

Production update

0 weeks

Your production instance is updated to the new release.

Maintenance Updates

Maintenance updates allow us to address issues that affect customers in a scheduled manner. Code changes are signed off and pass our internal quality certification every other Friday. That same Friday, we deploy the maintenance update to our own internal production environment. Our release communication includes release notes, explaining the changes in the maintenance update.

Step Step Day Description

Update notification

(Week before production update)

You are notified of the pending maintenance update and provided release notes describing the issues we resolved. 

Sandbox update

See Maintenance Windows

Your sandbox instance is updated to the new maintenance release.

Production update notification


You are reminded that we'll be updating your production instance to the new maintenance update release.

Production update


Your production instance is updated to the new maintenance release.

Daily Updates

Daily updates address critical issues that impact a majority of our customers. Even though they're rare, it's in your best interest to get these updates as soon as they're ready. Since a daily update is much smaller than a maintenance update, there's no risk to your production instance. We'll update both your sandbox and production instances at the same time.

Step Step Day Description

Daily Update Notification


You are notified that we need to update your instance as soon as we know when we'll be deploying the daily update. This is usually the day before or the day of the update, with a few hours notice.

Sandbox update

Date provided in the notification

Your sandbox instance is updated.

Production update

Date provided in the notification

Your production instance is updated.

The Major Releases, Maintenance Updates, and Daily Updates will automatically be deployed to your sandbox and production environments.

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