• Last edited on: 27 August 2022

Create New Dashboard

  • Select Dashboard from the top left navigation icons.
    Create New Dashboard-1.png
  • Click More Options just below your name in the top right navigation icons.
  • Select New Dashboard .
    Create New Dashboard-2.png
  • Click the blue/red icon located underneath the Menu icon.
  • Enter desired Dashboard Name .
  • Select desired items from the Dashboard Menu List to add to your new dashboard.
    • Continue to add dashboard items as desired.
  • Click Save to see your selected items on your dashboard landing page.
  • To-Do List items are referred to as Counters.
    • Heads Up! To refresh these items, select Refresh by click on the three dots in the top right corner of each item.
  • The Contingent Worker (CW) area is referred to as a grid.
    • These can be refreshed, downloaded to an Excel file, or deleted by selecting the appropriate action in the top right corner of the grid box.
    • Each of the columns in the grid can be sorted (ascending or descending) by clicking directly on the title of the column.
    • Each column can be filtered by enter a value into the search box at the top of the column.
      Create New Dashboard -4.png
  • You are able to edit the contents of your dashboard by clicking on More Options and selecting Edit .